Sunday, 1 December 2013

Thailand Culinary Academy 4th Annual Main Charity Event (1 Dec 2013) 

As per mission statement of Thailand Culinary Academy is time for our 4th annual charity event for the less fortunate one, this year theme for charity work focus on “Sustainability” which Thailand Culinary Academy had donated certain percentage of our annual funding to 190 hill tribe children and their family. Total funding donated 218,810 baht (6800 USD) which Academy accounted for 200,000 baht and 18700 from other kind donors. On behalf of Thailand Culinary Academy, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our year 2013 Sponsors, Royal Thai Army, Siam Makro (Our Sponsors) Petchburi Branch and ISUZU Thailand for supporting us in this meaningful charity event. A total of 3 weeks planning, the charity operation involving of building an poultry hut to breed 100 chicken, 100 duck, food for the poultry, 190 blankets and 190 pack of needed relief item for the children.

On 01 Dec 2013 at 3am, 45 of Thailand Culinary Academy members travel 2 hours to Phetchaburi Province Makro branch in order to change transport to 8 Isuzu 4 WD pick up truck and 2 Royal Thai Army GMC to Bann Pgazkoenyau (Child Care Centre) Kaeng Krachan District, Phetchaburi, Thailand. The journey took us another 2.5 hours (around 170km) in rough terrain. Upon arrive at the site, our team had to prepare an Sustainable meal for 190 children’s in 60 minutes due to our late arrival to the site. The entire charity work finish at 2.30 pm and we depart the site after distributed all relief pack to all children. Once again, I would like to thanks all sponsors, members, supporter for assisting in these event. “To give is better than to take” :)